When “Sugar Coating” Death, You’re Doing More Harm Than Good

I came across this post recently while scrolling through TikTok. It was enlightening to see a person sharing their grief journey in such a raw and real way. It really cemented the fact that when “sugar coating” death, you’re doing more harm than good (in my opinion).

Go ahead and avoid having open discussions about the realities of death.
You’re just contributing to the anxieties, grief, rumors, and fears that linger – and we all tend to experience those things at some point.

It doesn’t matter if “the truths to be shared” are about a loss that’s occurred, or about the unfortunate promise of our own expiration.


the conversation about this topic needs to get louder

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These death dialogues are necessary to help ourselves and others learn, grow, and heal.

I commend the “Mama Bear” featured above for sharing her grief journey in its (unfortunately) true fashion 💔💕