A Very Simple Grave Decorating Tip

A lot of people enjoy caring for the resting place of their loved one. Cleaning or decorating your loved one’s grave not only gives the obvious outcome of a maintained and presentable area, but it’s also a great way to personally express your remembrance of them.

It can be a relaxing, “me time” kind of experience. A time to enjoy memories of those you’ve lost, and even reflect on the idea of your own mortality.

I love encouraging others with personal how to tips, creative ideas, and other “whatnots” – all with the intent of (hopefully) motivating them to visit cemeteries every once a while and show some attention to the graves of their family or friends.

Today I want to share a very simple grave decorating tip featuring these subtle, solar powered roses.

The use of solar powered outdoor decor items in a cemetery is not “earth shattering news”, but it’s easy to not think twice about what may be available beyond just your local store shelves – with items like basic solar lights, glowing angels, crosses, and the other cliche choices.

I’m definitely not saying that decorations like those mentioned above aren’t pretty or appreciated, but there are a variety of other choices to consider – aside from the norm.

This solar powered option (for example) can simply and easily serve two purposes in a sense.

You can never go wrong with providing some color to admire during the day in the cemetery by decorating a grave with beautiful flowers. After the sun sets, that colorful glow can continue into the night with its light up capability.

I personally love the blue solar powered roses (because blue is my signature color), but there are plenty of other beautiful color choices available (like pink, red, white, and yellow) to create a look that you’re fond of – or that totally represents the loved one you’re placing them for.

Decorating a grave can actually be a creative and fun task. Regardless of what you choose to showcase at the resting place of your loved one, don’t shy away from taking your time. Even when keeping it simple, put some thought into the different things that you can do!

You can grab a set or two of these particular solar powered roses on AMAZON, or get inspired by similar items!