“Stoneman Willie” : The Mummified Celebrity Corpse Of Reading, Pennsylvania

For those of us that are entertained by the macabre, a character that has gained quite a bit of attention over the past week is “Stoneman Willie”. Now, you may be wondering what would be so grim about Willie. Well, Stoneman Willie is the mummified (officially unofficial) celebrity corpse of Reading, Pennsylvania. During the 1800’s,… Continue reading “Stoneman Willie” : The Mummified Celebrity Corpse Of Reading, Pennsylvania

I Miss This Lady – Terribly!

Wishing a Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Grandma 💖💔💖 I miss this lady – terribly! She would’ve turned 84 today – 7/13/2023. There are times my heart feels as though it’s really aching – even burning – over the thought of her being gone from this world. It can be tough to say the least.… Continue reading I Miss This Lady – Terribly!

Are You A Taphophile?

Whether or not you know what the word taphophile means, I’m pretty confident that you are one – just judging by the fact that you took the initiative to visit sixfeetabovethegrave.com. Did you get a special feeling from the atmosphere featured in the video above?I’m not surprised! Now before you start thinking that there could be something seriously wrong with you, let… Continue reading Are You A Taphophile?