The Imperfections That ‘Come To Be’ Over Time Can Easily Go Unnoticed

It was a true pleasure helping the DeStefano family continue to honor their loved ones, and freshen up the place they’ve been resting at for the past 50 years. Like most memorials placed within the last century, the imperfections that “come to be” over time can easily go unnoticed.This particular monument still appeared very beautiful… Continue reading The Imperfections That ‘Come To Be’ Over Time Can Easily Go Unnoticed

A Very Simple Grave Decorating Tip

A lot of people enjoy caring for the resting place of their loved one. Cleaning or decorating your loved one’s grave not only gives the obvious outcome of a maintained and presentable area, but it’s also a great way to personally express your remembrance of them. It can be a relaxing, “me time” kind of… Continue reading A Very Simple Grave Decorating Tip

Grave Cleaning Supplies

If you’re familiar with grave cleaning (or have checked out the Grave Cleaning Resources that I’ve shared), then you know that you can’t just grab any old bottle of household cleaner, fill up a bucket of water, run to your local cemetery, and start scrubbing random gravesites. You need to get yourself setup with a variety of… Continue reading Grave Cleaning Supplies

Grave Cleaning Resources

Cleaning graves can be a very relaxing and enlightening “labor of love“. However, if you’re new to the world of grave cleaning – there are some things to consider before you start. I’ll be honest – I did A LOT of “homework” before I ran out to the cemetery to tidy up my first gravesite,… Continue reading Grave Cleaning Resources

How To Safely Clean Graves

Before you run out and attempt to freshen up a loved ones grave or show some attention to a resting place that has apparently not received any TLC in years, it’s very important to learn how to safely clean graves. THE PURPOSE OF CLEANING GRAVESThe main purpose of cleaning graves is to remove things like the soiling from air pollutants, lichen, dirt,… Continue reading How To Safely Clean Graves