Memorial Keepsake Urn Necklaces

After my Grandparents passed away, I wanted to find something simple (but appealing) to put a small portion of their cremated remains into. We all handle grief differently, and I felt it was important to have a piece of them with me in an inconspicuous way.
I came across these memorial keepsake urn necklaces on Amazon that are offered in a variety of styles, colors, and packages. You can get a single pendant or a set of two – depending on your needs. They are very reasonably priced, and there’s a nice selection of colors to choose from (other than the silver and black colors featured above). My Grandparents weren’t “flashy” people in general, and I liked that these pendants looked similar to each other in design – but you could still differentiate between the two of them by color (kind of in a masculine and feminine way).

I did create a brief video showing the process of transferring their ashes into their specific pendant – which I’m showcasing below for you to get an idea of just how simple the task was for me.
If you want something similar for a loved one that’s passed, I highly recommend these!

Occasionally, I wear one (or both together) as a necklace – however, they’re primarily hanging on the rearview mirror of my car. It’s comforting for me, and it makes me feel like they can tag along with me everywhere…