Gravesite Care : FAQ


What is “Gravesite Care”?

Six Feet Above | Gravesite Care is simply a private grave cleaning service. A novel option, but it’s great for people that are unable to clean and maintain the gravesite of a loved one – and for people that don’t live near the cemetery that their loved one is resting in.

Why is it necessary to clean a grave?

People have different views when it comes to the importance of cleaning and maintaining the grave of their loved one. Memorials can be quite costly, and some people feel that graves should be taken care of – just like a car or house. Grief and loss are very complex life experiences, and some people feel it’s important to keep the resting place of their loved one tidy and presentable – a way of expressing their continuous love for the person they’ve lost. Some people don’t feel it’s important to clean a gravesite, and they view the gradual weathering of time and nature as part of the story the grave has to tell.