Gravesite Care

Gravesite Care (a division of Six Feet Above The Grave) is a private service that provides you with a personal gravesite caretaker to tend to the resting place of your loved one by cleaning their gravesite. A unique and uncommon option, but it’s great for people that are unable to tidy up a gravesite (for whatever reason) or for those that unfortunately don’t live near the cemetery that their loved one is resting in.

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  • Delivering Fall Flowers To The Cemetery
    A longtime friend reached out to me and asked if I would create and deliver some Fall flowers to her Mother’s resting place for her. She’s moved far out of the area, so it’s been a bit of a challenge for her to keep the gravesite freshly decorated on a regular basis. Of course, I … Read more
  • The Finale Of The Grave Cleaning Season
    It’s obvious that gravesites eventually appear aged to certain extents. It doesn’t matter what they’re made of. Time, nature, inconsistent cleaning, weather conditions and many other things all interact together – which makes a memorial look “old” to some people over time…
  • The Imperfections That ‘Come To Be’ Over Time Can Easily Go Unnoticed
    It was a true pleasure helping the DeStefano family continue to honor their loved ones, and freshen up the place they’ve been resting at for the past 50 years. Like most memorials placed within the last century, the imperfections that “come to be” over time can easily go unnoticed.This particular monument still appeared very beautiful … Read more
  • A Very Simple Grave Decorating Tip
    A lot of people enjoy caring for the resting place of their loved one. Cleaning or decorating your loved one’s grave not only gives the obvious outcome of a maintained and presentable area, but it’s also a great way to personally express your remembrance of them. It can be a relaxing, “me time” kind of … Read more