Gravesite Care : Conditions & Agreement

By arranging a grave cleaning, you understand that :

All amounts submitted by you are to be considered as a personal payment made to your grave cleaner.

“Grave Cleaning Amounts” featured pertain to cemeteries located within a15 mile driving distance from the home of a grave cleaner. Any cemetery located beyond 15 miles from a grave cleaner’s home will incur an additional personal payment of $15.00. Grave cleaners will only travel up to 35 miles from their home.

All grave cleanings are performed on a first come first served basis, and are typically performed within two weeks time from submission – weather permitting.

The “Two Seasonal Cleanings” option can only be chosen for one gravesite.

You will not hold grave cleaners liable for any accidental damages that could potentially occur while your requested grave cleaning is performed.

If you have any requests that are not included in the “Grave Cleaning Services”, they can be discussed privately & potentially added. Understand that you may incur additional personal payment amounts.

Every cemetery has their own rules and restrictions when it comes to the type of decor and cleaning tasks that are allowed to occur.

Grave cleanings will be photographed, filmed & featured on the social media platforms of SIX FEET ABOVE THE GRAVE.