Death Positive Book : “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes And Other Lessons From The Crematory” a memoir by Caitlin Doughty

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people don’t want to think or talk about death. Once upon a time, I too avoided the topic like the plague. However, life led me into some situations as an adult that have made me face my fears of death and dying in different ways. During some personal online research, I eventually came across a gal named Caitlin Doughty – who is basically one of today’s headlining voices for the death positive movement. After binge watching a lot of the YouTube videos on her channel Ask A Mortician, I found out that she wasn’t just an outspoken undertaker with a sense of humor – she was also a writer.

One of my favorite Ask A Mortician videos!

At the time, her book “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes : And Other Lessons From The Crematory” was still considered a new release – and judging by how much I enjoyed her videos, I knew I had to check out this memoir styled writing of hers. I’m sure it’s obvious from the title of her YouTube channel that she’s currently a mortician, but after reading this book – you get to know Caitlin a little more personally. I found her so relatable, because early in life she struggled with anxieties and fears about death and dying – just like me. Even though she was afraid of it, she was also very curious about it. Eventually, as a young adult she decided to randomly take a job at a crematory – which took her on an enlightening journey.

This book is quite dear to me. Not only was it the very first death positive book I read, but it truly opened my eyes to think differently about my own fears of death – all while helping me understand my morbid curiosities as well.

Caitlin Doughty has a flair for keeping your attention, telling great stories, and making you feel like you’re not alone with your own thoughts.
“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes : And Other Lessons From The Crematory” is a great book for newcomers to the death positive world, and I just know you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did!