Gravesite Care : Conditions

By requesting Gravesite Care, you understand that :

The “Caretaker Amounts” featured for Gravesite Care are requested by and should be submitted in full to your personal gravesite caretaker prior to their grave cleaning performance.

A “Gravesite Care Request Form” must be submitted (online or in person) to your gravesite caretaker prior to their grave cleaning performance. The link to or physical paper version of the form can be obtained via your gravesite caretaker when arranging Gravesite Care.

Amounts and availability are subject to change without notice. All amounts submitted by you are to be considered as a personal payment made to your gravesite caretaker. Personal payments can be submitted to your gravesite caretaker via their payment option(s) of choice examples: Facebook messenger, Cash App. Venmo, PayPal, or by Cash.

Submission of personal payment(s) and the “Gravesite Care Request Form” will secure your place in the “grave cleaning lineup”. All grave cleanings are performed on a first come first served basis, and are typically performed within two weeks time from submission during the grave cleaning season – weather permitting.

If you have any gravesite care requests that are not included in the main “Grave Cleaning Details” – they can be discussed privately & potentially added – however, you may incur additional personal payment amounts.

Every cemetery has their own rules and restrictions when it comes to the type(s) of decor and cleaning tasks that are allowed to occur.

The “Monthly Tendings” option can only be requested after a yearly one time cleaning is performed.

Grossly overgrown sites may incur additional personal payment amounts. Amounts do not include mowing.

Gravesite Care caretakers may refuse cleaning/tending to your requested gravesite if memorial marker appears damaged. You will not hold your gravesite care caretaker liable for any accidental damage(s) that could potentially happen to the gravesite while your requested grave cleaning is performed.

Caretaker Amounts” featured pertain to cemeteries located within a 15 mile driving distance from your personal gravesite caretaker’s home. Any cemetery located beyond 15 miles from a caretaker’s home will require an additional personal payment of $18.00.

Gravesite Care caretakers will only travel up to 30 miles from their home. Grave cleanings may be photographed, filmed & featured on the social media platforms of GRAVESITE CARE & SIX FEET ABOVE THE GRAVE. Regardless of your wait time, no grave will be forgotten!